Rules & Regulations

  1. Students are obliged to reach before 8.45 am
  2. The students who come to the school early should remain in the class and study.
  3. Every people should be present for the morning Assembly and prayer.
  4. Late comers should meet the Principal before entering the class.
  5. The students should show respect to the school authorities and teachers. They should be polite and gentle to their companions.
  6. Students of one class are not permitted to enter another class without the permission of the teacher.
  7. Home work should be regularly done and submitted.
  8. The students should wear uniform as per the schedule. They should wear the identity cards everyday.
  9. The students should be careful to keep the school premises neat and tidy.
  10. The permission of the Principal and class teacher is required to leave the school premises during the school hours.
  11. The students will be sent home in the school time only with the parents even in an emergency.
  12. If the students want to take leave, it should be informed earlier.
  13. Leave letter should be written in the diary and should get signed by the class teacher.
  14. Al the Catholic students will be the members in the K.C.S.L. They should attend the annual retreat strictly
  15. Pupils are not allowed to buy sweets and other articles from near by shops.
  16. Pupils are themselves responsible for their own money or goods.
  17. Parents and visitors are requested not to visit the students during class hours.
  18. Any loss or damage to the school property shall be made good by the parent or the guardian of the student.
  19. Forging of signature is considered a serious fault and any student found doing so is liable to immediate dismissal.
  20. Students may not make any collection for any purpose whatsoever without prior sanction of the school authorities.
  21. Pupils are not allowed to wear gold ornaments.
  22. Students are strictly prohibited from the use of mobile phones and camera.
  23. It is compulsory for the parents to attend the annual meeting , class PTA meeting, awareness classes and merit day in the school aiming the academic excellence and character formation of the children.
  24. Uniform proposed is compulsory
  25. Frequent absence of the learner would instil disciplinary move
  26. Visitors are admitted only at a specified time
  27. Students must be punctual and responsible to the assigned task