Guiding Spirit

  • Mar Kuriaokose Elias Chavara of Mannanam was born on 10th feb 1805 at Kainakari (Alapuzha district) in Kerala – India.
  • He was a good social reformer who hailed from a Syrian Christian family.
  • Introduced retreat preaching for the laity for the first time in Kerala church.
  • Believed strongly that intellectual development and education of women was the primary step towards overall social welfare.
  • Founded congregation of Mother of Carmel (CMC) the first religious congregation for women in 1866.
  • Established press industry media literature.
  • Died on 3rd January 1871.
  • His priestly life laid strong ideals for the Christian community.
  • Saint Chavara was canonized on 23rd November 2014 in Rome by Pope Francis.


  • Saint Euphrasia Eluvathingal was an Indian Carmelite nun of Syro Malabar church.
  • Born on 17th October 1877 in the ancient Catholic family of Eluvathingal Cherupukaran Anthony and Kunjethy in Kattur Village of Edathurthy Parish of Thrissur – Kerala.
  • She had to overcome many obstacles before she became the member of Carmelite congregation – founded by St Kuriakose Eias Chavara in 1866 at Koonammavu.
  • After a long life humility, poverty and holiness St Euphrasia passed away on 29th 1952 in St.Mary’s convent , Ollur, Thrissur.
  • St Euphrasia was a humble CMC nun who personalised the prayer heritage and lived to the divine inspiration.
  • Consistency in prayer raised her to the heights of sanctity .
  • Mother Euphrasia was canonized as saint by Pope Francis on 23rd November 2014 in Vatican City.