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Education liberates society into new horizons of meaningful life. Owing to this concept Sacred Heart Convent Girls’s Hr.Sec. School became a reality in the year 1920 under the patronage of CMC sisters of Nirmala Province, Thrissur. Like any other CMC institution, Sacred Heart CGHS also became the schools of choice for parents who wanted to give better education to their wards. The school was raised to the Higher Secondary in 1998. About 4000 girls are studying in Sacred Heart out of which 760 in Higher Secondary.

Education Policy Statement

The main apostolate of C.M.C.is education ,aiming at the intellectual, social, economic , moral and spiritual development of the people, particularly of women and children. Education is not just a profession, but a sacred call, a great apostolate through which we participate in the teaching mission of the church. The total formation of the human person in the pursuit of intellectual and professional excellence, as much for his own enrichment as for the service of the society

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